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        About Olansi

        Who We Are

        Investing 10% of Annual Turnover to R&D
        Olansi Healthcare Co. Ltd (Guangzhou Olans Water Treatment Equipment Co. Ltd) spends 10%?of?its annual?sale?turnover?into?R&D. We?have?a 15-engineer?R&D?team,?thus we are able to launch?five new?models every?year.

        Specialized in Air Purifiers, Water Purifiers and Hydrogen Water Generators
        For the past years, Olansi has developed an expertise in the production of air purifiers and water purifiers, from unrivaled user-friendliness and innovative design, through flawless engineering to the most stylish and appealing packaging. This marked an important chapter in Olansi history.

        Nowadays, Olansi specializes in various top quality healthcare products. On top of air purification, we strive to develop advanced products like home/residential portable air purifiers, mini ionizer car air purifiers and oxygen rich/hydrogen water makers and more.

        Rolling out 70,000 Pieces Monthly
        Also, with our injection?machine and SMT?PCB?line in our filter factory, we can make about 70,000 pieces per month. We can also deliver products timely.